Animal exam sheet

MANUAL OF ADMINISTRATION 2020 General Information For use ONLY during calendar year 2020 1 GENERAL INFORMATION Statement of Intent The Clinical Proficiency Examination (CPE) is an examination for international veterinary graduates

Any animal older than 6 years of age or younger than 12 weeks of age Any animal weighing less than 5 lbs or more than 75 lbs Any animal with a history of diarrhea or vomiting Any animal with a history of recent trauma (past month) Any animal with significant abnormalities on physical exam (dehydration, heart murmur, upper

Most animals will resist having their temperature taken. Complete the rest of the exam before obtaining a temperature to avoid agitating the animal and making examination more difficult. Do not struggle with an aggressive animal to obtain a temperature. If having difficulty taking an animal's temperature, consult a veterinarian.Recheck Veterinary exam requested on date: Treatments . ... Shelter Treatment Sheet medical record animal treatment medical treatment shelter medicine Created Date:Animal Care Sheets. Petco is committed to responsible companion animal ownership. Our Care Sheets provide important information about the proper care of your animal.Use these free vet play printables to help extend this play activity into a real-world learning experience. Kids will love filling out animal record sheets and next appointment cards. They'll feel like real vets! Free Printable Animal Record Sheet For Vet Play See more Comprehensive Exam Dental Prophylaxis Spay or Neuter Behavioral Consultation Reason for visit (check all that apply) Weight Management / Nutritional Consultation Other surgical procedure Illness Injury 1st phone 2nd phone Your name Pet name We will need to be able to contact you or someone with permission to make medical and financial decisions.

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